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Our story
OneDollar.co.nz was formed in 2010, in Wellington, as the answer to New Zealand's need for an ultimate bargain website. We know there are tons of daily deal websites out there – so many it is hard to remember where to start! – But we thought we would offer kiwis something different -something that screams bargain! Onedollar.co.nz offers one item at $1.00, plus 3 other items all heavily discounted every day!
How it works
All deals start at 12pm daily. They end either when the stock runs out or after 24hours, whichever is first. The deals are good, and may sell out quick, so we suggest you look at 12pm every day and grab a deal if you like it - remember – early bird catches the worm!! Once the item is in your cart, you get 5 minutes to complete your purchase – if you are too slow, the stock is removed from your cart so another punter gets a chance!

It is our goal to provide you the ultimate bargain. And don't forget, our site is designed with you in mind, so if you have any feedback on the sites, products or service, send us an email at info@onedollar.co.nz
Besides the deals themselves, what else is cool around here?
Good question! Here's a quick top 5:

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OneDollar.co.nz is your easiest route to finding the best bargains in New Zealand every day of the year.
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